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Swimming with Dolphins

Tauranga Swim with Dolphins

Commander I operates with a Marine Mammal Permit, issued by the Department of Conservation, which allows us to swim with dolphins. Dolphins are protected under the Marine Mammals Protection Regulations and interaction with them is dependant upon weather conditions and pod behaviour and makeup on the day.

Dolphins form social networks, called pods, and here they gain protection and social interaction and are able to hunt co-operatively to find food. We may come across one or several pods of dolphins each outing; the ocean is a big place and dolphins are not always in the same area. Patience is recommended!

Once we have located an adult pod, we’ll get you ready to enter the water. Wetsuits and snorkelling equipment are provided, and our vessel has been fitted with a swim rope to hold onto while you are in the water. Dolphins will dart, dive and swim around you as you are towed slowly along behind Commander I. It is completely safe and you will be assisted by our experienced crew at all times.



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